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Major League Paintball (MLPB) is a professional sports organization that serves as the governing body for competitive paintball. The organization was established in 2015 and is currently headquartered in the United States. MLPB is responsible for setting and enforcing rules and regulations for competitive paintball, as well as organizing and promoting professional paintball events across the globe. Our goal at MLPB is to provide a safe and fair playing environment for players of all skill levels and to promote paintball as a legitimate and respected sport. Through its efforts, Major League Paintball has become a recognized and influential organization in the world of competitive paintball.

"Growing the game of paintball while maintaining the integrity of the sport"

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As the governing body for competitive paintball, MLPB ensures that players have access to a professional and fair playing environment with clear rules and regulations that are consistently enforced. The organization also offers a variety of events and tournaments for players to compete in, including regional and national competitions, allowing players to showcase their skills and progress in the sport. Additionally, MLPB is committed to promoting paintball as a legitimate and respected sport, which can attract more players and sponsors to the sport, creating more opportunities for future growth and development. Choosing to play in Major League Paintball allows players to compete at the highest level in a fair and professional environment while also contributing to the growth and promotion of the sport.


We are always looking to improve the sport, please feel free to reach out with new suggestions or questions.


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