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GoSports is the official broadcast partner and rights holder to all Major League Paintball events. GoSports is a subscription OTT platform built for broadcasting live MLPB events along with the development of post-production media projects.


For over a decade, GoSports Producer, Darren Cesena has been working behind the scenes to produce and innovate live broadcast tournament paintball. Without question, Cesena is the most knowledgeable and experienced technical resource of live production paintball.

In broadcast sports, there are names that belong in the history books of their respective industries; Madden, Vitale, and in the case of paintball, Marshall. Matty Marshall has been “the voice of paintball” since the early 2000’s and has been a priceless contributor as the lead broadcaster for GoSports. Only at MLPB events do players have the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of the largest viewership in paintball with commentary from the sport’s biggest stars.

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