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The Summit Awards 2023 Winners and Recap.

Updated: Mar 14

The 2023 Summit Awards hosted at the Sahara Casino Resort have concluded and it was, as many pros said, "the best paintball event I've ever been at". Nearly 1000 people gathered at the Azilo Outdoor Courtyard at the Sahara featuring the second biggest screen in Vegas sitting at 220 feet long, and watched in amazement at the many offerings of the night. Whether they were roaming the massive venue, sitting in a private cabana with bottle service, or telling stories with the most legendary players in the game, the event was buzzing with camaraderie and love for paintball.

All we have in this game is each other; whether you are a seasoned pro, divisional player, photographer, or even just a casual fan, we can all contribute in some way to make the sport better each day. On Sunday Night after the NXL Las Vegas Open, the Major League of Paintball made a major contribution with the biggest show and party in all of paintball. In partnership with Iconic Paintball, the MLPB did something truly groundbreaking, focused fully on creating a magical night for paintball fans everywhere.

The night opened with the off-field and industry awards after a red carpet entry by NXL pros, media members, and the industries biggest companies. It then transitioned in the Hall of Icons created by Ryan Greenspan and Quinn Nadu focused on memorializing the games most legendary players with their jacket introduction ceremony to the Hall of Icons newest members for 2024 comprised of 10 players.

The final segment of the night featured the on-field awards, honoring the sports best players of the 2023 season as voted on by the coaches/owners of the league. I have been in the game for 20 seasons, and it made me so proud to be a paintball player standing at the Summit Awards and see how far we have come.

Table of Contents

On-Field Awards

Icon of the Year

Marcello Margott

Offensive Player of the Year

Chris Schehr

Defensive Player of the Year

Marcello Margott

Defensive Player of the Year

Jason Edwards

Snake Player of the Year

Keith Brown

Dorito Player of the Year

Chris Schehr

Flex Player of the Year

Ryan Greenspan

Breakout Player of the Year

Nic Rippel

Breakout Team of the Year

New York Xtreme

Rookie of the Year

Archie Barnes

Coach of the Year

Kevin Bredthauer

Team of the Year

San Diego Dynasty

Game of the Year

TonTons vs. Dynasty, World Cup.

Divisional Team of the Year


WNXL Pro Team of the Year

Chesapeake Cheetahs

WNXL Player of the Year

Jenn Fulk

European Player of the Year

Axel Gaudin

WNXL EU Player of the Year

Mina Amundsen

European Team of the Year

Toulouse TonTons

WNXL EU Team of the Year


Pro Team Supporters of the year

Granny Heaters

Classic Awards

Classic Team of the Year


Classic Player of the Year

Demetri Ninios

Classic Amateur Team of the Year

Louisville Asylum

Classic Amateur Player of the Year

Zac Williams

Classic International team of the Year


Classic Ambassador of the Year

Will Arroyo

Classic Sportsmanship team of the year

Desert Edge

Classic Team Ambassador of the Year

The Misfits

Referee Awards

Referee of the Year

Alicia Garcia

Most Improved Referee of the Year

Daniel Molineros

Head Referee of the Year

Andrew Howe

Scorekeeper of the year

Roderick Mitchell

Excellent Achievement Award

Robert "Buddha" Daniels


Brand Content of the Year

Ryne Broshears

Media Newcomer of the Year

David Hauck

Dual Threat (Photo & Video) of the Year

George Fava

Off Field Content of the Year

Zyzek Barro

Off Field Content of the Year

Dylan Fout

Storyteller of the Year

Mikko Huttunen

Innovator of the Year

Oliver Lang

Videographer of the Year

Brian Wolfe, Verbhal

Photographer of the Year

Dan Shelley, ShellDa Photos

Creator of the Year

Marcello Margott - Play the Game Podcast

Creator of the Year

Tyler Harmon - Play the Game Podcast

YouTube Channel of the Year

Matt The Gym Rat

Scenario Games

Scenario Paintball Person of the Year


Producer or Game Creator of the Year

Super Game Series

Scenario team of the Year

Swamp Monkeys

Scenario Big Game of the Year

Super Game

Scenario lifetime achievement award

"Tdevil" Gabriel Frias

General of the year

Phil Ramirez Team Cobra


Mega Park of the year - West Coast

SC Village

Mega Park of the Year- East Coast

Skirmish Paintball

Tournament Park of the Year

Paintball Fit

Best Online Store

Lone Wolf Paintball

North East Store of the year

Paintball Wizard

Midwest Store of the year

PB Sports

West Coast Store of the year


Southwest Store of the year

Pro Edge

South East Store of the year

Paintball Central

Best new Park or most improved park

Pinnacle Paintball Park

North East Field of the year


Midwest Field of the year


West Coast Field of the year

Capital Edge

Southwest Field of the year

Fun on the run

South East Field of the year


On-Field Awards

Breakout Player of the Year - Nic Rippel 18.8% of total votes, 5 first place votes.

Breakout Team of the Year, New York Xtreme 29.6% of total votes. 13 first place votes.

Coach of the Year, Kevin Bredthauer. 23.8% of total votes. 10 first place votes.

Co-Defensive Player of the Year. Jason Edwards and Marcello Margott. Tied 21.66% of total votes.

European Player of the Year, Axel Gaudin. 50.90% of total votes.

Divisional Team of the Year, PbFit SemiPro. 52.84% of total votes.

NXL Team of the Year, San Diego Dynasty. 40.48% of total votes.

European Team of the Year, Toulouse TonTons. 56.74% of total votes.

Flex Player of the Year, Ryan Greenspan. 22.14% of total vote. 7 first place votes

Game of the Year, TonTons vs. Dynasty World Cup Semis. 24.55% of total votes

Icon of the Year, MVP, Marcello Margott. 26.66% of total votes. 9 first place votes.

Snake Player of the Year, Keith Brown. 22.14% of total votes. 8 first place votes.

Dorito Player of the Year, Chris Schehr. 23.8% of total votes. 7 first place votes.

Markus Nielsen Offensive Player of the Year, Chris Schehr. 22.38% of total votes. 7 first place votes.

WNXL Player of the Year, Jenn Fulk, 36.96% of total votes.

WNXL Team of the Year, Chesapeake Cheetahs

WNXL EU Player of the Year, Mina Amundson

WNXL EU Team of the Year, Drakaina

Classic Awards

ICPL Amateur Player of the Year, Zac Williams

Classic Amateur Team of the Year, Louisville Asylum

Classic Sportsmanship Team of the Year, Desert Edge.

Classic International Team of the Year, Armada.

ICPL Team of the Year, Image.

Classic Team Ambassador of the Year, The Misfits

ICPL Player of the Year, Demitri Ninios

Classic Ambassador of the Year, Will Arroyo. (not pictured)

Referee Awards

Scorekeeper of the Year, Roderick Mitchell

Referee of the Year, Alicia Garcia

Most Improved Ref of the Year, Daniel Molineros.

Referee Excellent Achievement Award, Robert Daniels.

Head Ref of the Year, Andrew Howe with his team.

Media Awards

Brand Content of the Year, Ryne Broshears.

Off-field Content of the Year, Zyzek Barro and Dylan Fout.

Storyteller of the Year(Visual Media) Mikko Huttenen

Innovator of the Year, Oliver Lang.

Videographer of the Year, Brian Wolfe

Photographer of the Year, Dan Shelley

Creator of the Year, Play the Game Podcast, Marcello Margott and Tyler Harmon

Youtube Channel of the Year, Matt the Gym Rat.

Media Newcomer of the Year, David Hauck.

Dual Threat Media Member of the Year, George Fava.

Scenario Awards

Scenario Player of the Year, Wolf.

Scenario Team of the Year, Swamp Monkeys.

Scenario General of the Year, Phil Ramirez, Team Cobra.

Scenario Lifetime Achievement Award, Gabriel Frias

Producer of the Year and Big Game of the Year, Supergame Brian Barno, Dan Bonebrake.

Industry Awards

Mega Park of the Year, West Coast. SC Village.

Midwest Field of the Year, Vintage Paintball.

Midwest Store of the Year, PBSports.

Northeast Field of the Year, P&L Paintball.

Southeast Store of the Year, Paintball Central.

Southwest Store of the Year, Pro Edge Paintball.

Southwest Field of the Year, Fun on the Run Paintball.

Tournament Park of the Year, Paintball Fit.

West Coast Field of the Year, Capital Edge Paintball Park.

West Coast Store of the Year, Extreme Paintball.

Online Store of the Year, Lonewolf Paintball

Mega Park of the Year, East Coast, Skirmish Paintball.

Northeast Store of the Year, Paintball Wizard.

Best New Paintball Park, Pinnacle Paintball Park.

Southeast Field of the Year, Tikis Paintball

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