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The Major League of Paintball

Bringing the sport of paintball together through unique events, player focused features, and a community of camraderie. 

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Paintball is set to experience exciting growth in the coming years with the launch of Major League Paintball (MLPB). MLPB will provide an official platform for professional and recreational paintball events, creating new opportunities and attracting more players. With a regular tournament schedule, top-level events, merchandise, and broadcasting partnerships, MLPB will help connect people to paintball at all levels, increasing awareness and participation in the sport.


Competing in Major League Paintball (MLPB) is an incredible opportunity to challenge yourself and climb to the top of the world paintball ranks. From rookies to seasoned veterans, players can compete against the world's best paintballers, pushing their skills to new heights. MLPB will ensure that high-caliber competition is accessible to all paintball enthusiasts. Whether cheering from home or competing on the field, joining MLPB is a chance for everyone to experience world-class paintball in a whole new way.

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